15 July 2011

Little Cook´s Apron

Well now that we have the Little´s Cook hat, why don´t we make our Little´s Cook Apron?
All materials must be found out from recycling of course!! You will just need a plastic bag and a bit of crafty arty to make it safe for a toddler. (Please note the following instructions and never let a child play alone with a plastic bag!!)

- 1 PLASTIC BAG  (a cute and resistant one)

Easy peasy, you just need to cut the edges of the plastic bag as showed in the pictures and get the 2 plastic strips stapled onto the plastic bag sides. Et voilá, your homemade, arty crafty apron is made and it is ready to roll!

9 July 2011

Little Cook´s Hat

As part of cooking with kids, here it is an idea for a complementary/previous activity which is making a hat with offhand materials that we all have at home.

It really simple, fun and easy to do!


We will need:

- 1 white sheet of paper - size A4
- 1 paper roll - to get some white tissue paper
- Scissors with rounded edges
- Sticky tape

    6 July 2011

    Summer Fairs

    Summer Fairs are fun, specially for kids. 
    It is a great treat for them.

    Even if some fairs might wear parents out it is always worth to take the kids at least once during the Summer...

    At Sticky Toffee Circus we love bright lights, racket, noise, laughs, the hustle and bustle of it!

    It is always a worth day out for families... kids enjoy and parents, well parents eat lots of popcorn, hotdogs and chips!

    One of our eagerly awaited event is indeed LolliBop, endless fun for under 10s. The great thing about this venue is that it has all the entertainment from a best Summer fair but with a big plus: "You can learn a new skill, see some amazing music, get involved in a workshop and simply play all day!!" - this what is all about play and learn at the same time.

    We just can't wait! we hope we see you all getting crafty, participating in fabulous workshops, with jumping clay, fashion, Little Angel puppets, circus, carnival masks, crowns, pizza making, Science Museum, face painting, Horrible Histories, DJ skills and more.

    Hurry up and buy some tickets through:

    Toddler´s Confindence

    "Many childcare experts stress the importance of building self-esteem in children - and, indeed, having it ourselves as parents"Confidence building by Eileen Hayes,  www.bbc.com article says.

    Building self-esteem in children through their development as grown ups to be, is a delicate task to embrace effectively. Specially when parents, might have self-esteem matters of their own! - who has not in some way? 

    Trusting in one's own worth and own abilities is not always an easy task. Not in adult stage, when we often struggle with it, neither -and most importantly- on our early years where we begin to have a sense of who we are as an individual.

    "Toddlers are still just realising they're separate people"

    We must guide them, but let them investigate and watch them from a distance, giving them a bit of freedom and space to experiment alone. For some parents this is rather easy but for others is not at all. 

    "Toddlers slowly build up a sense of self"

    So let´s turn off the anticipating-negative-things machine for when is needed, at least let´s try to relax a bit.

    Toddlers must know there are dangers around them but they do not need to have an excesive, overdo constant warning... because it could frustate them and make them become insecure.

    Let´s make them run, jump, climb without exaggerating all hazards behind. They might trip or stumble a bit, and yes even fall down... but as long as you are close to them for help -once it happened- they will get a better sense of who they are and become more confident they can do things by themselves. 

    Encouraging and showing them we understand the effort of loosing the fear and praise every step they take towards independence.

    As parents, we must take a look at ourselves, see how we behave with our toddlers.

    We know, nobody is perfect and tiredness is the enemy of kindness, specially after a hard day at work, but we must try to avoid negativity and sarcasm with kids. These little ones, they don´t get it!!! It could make them feel not liked or loved. And this could harm is self-esteem hence his confidence.

    Let´s boost up their self-esteem today with some crafty, play, dance, swim or cooking session!

    30 June 2011

    I´m so glad I found you!

    Yes, I went to CyberMummy 2011, so happy I did find you, that I would create a badge if I could:

    Now,  I have got no excuse but to keep on nurturing my little blog and try to commit to what Sticky Toffee Circus aims. Which is entertain
    , having a continuous fiesta going on, celebrating life by creating, painting, crafting, singing, cooking, eating... anything for kids to enjoy and learn!  

    After this meeting, I feel officially a blogger... an amateur having a long and exciting way to go. Learning is my main objective thanks to my mentor of hounour :) Mª José Ovalle - mummysbusyworld - who has introduce me in this magical blogsphere!

    Also I would like to thank you the organisers and all the sponsors who kindly filled up our bags with so many goodies! Watch out my table with so many things. Including my Sarah Brown´s book which I am already started and I must say I am finding it quite interesting.

    Thank you AdDynamo, Bonjela, Boots, Butlins, Calpol, Crocs, Cuticura, Dettol, Disney, Dodo Pad, ebuzzing, Emla, E45Junior, GlamMedia, Hyundai, HP, Kidsonestopshop, Mam, Mauritius, Naked, Nurofren, LegoDuplo, Leapfrog, Johnson´s Baby, Pampers, Picture Box, Portland Hospital, P&G, Savlon, Three, Ubisoft and Vicks. Thank you all.

    And of course to anyone involved on the organisation at the marvellous venue The Brewery in London.

    See you in CyberMummy 2012!

    26 June 2011

    Go Ballooning!

    Balloons are such a plus for any kind of celebration. 

    At Sticky Toffee Circus we love to recomend this kind of entertainment for kids. But it really could be suitable for a birthday or any kind of event were guests are younger than... let´s say 105 years old :)

    Miss Ballooniverse is one of this talented persons, with over 250 creations in her repertoire, her balloon art are equally enthralling to all age groups, as award-winning comedy actress and improviser she will inject colour, glamour and fun into parties. 

    Image courtesy of Miss Ballooniverse
    Her name is Natalie Haverstock trained as an actress at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. She has a BA Hons in Theatre Arts and her thesis was on educative theatre.

    She has been a balloon artist of many years, Natalie created Miss Ballooniverse in June 2009. Combining her balloon artistry with her comedy improv skills, she has been described as the 'Pixar of the balloon world' entertaining both children and adults at the same time. 

    The versatility of this entertainment form has taken Miss Ballooniverse to every type of gathering imaginable, from  fashion shows and black-tie events to parties of all cultures; from factories and offices to weddings; special needs schools to hospitals. 

    Based in London, Miss Ballooniverse is in demand all over the world at parties and events as well as public appearances at fashion shows, Royal Ascot, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and in stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.
    Images courtesy of Miss Ballooniverse

    Natalie has over 18 years of experience in corporate training, roleplay and forum theatre, and putting this together with her balloon artistry has come up with a teambuilding workshop teaching balloon modelling that's as interesting as it's fun, leaving delegates with a new skill that will make them the life and soul of every family party.

    Photo gallery & Film www.missballooniverse.co.uk

    23 June 2011

    Let´s make biscuits... or well... just a big one!

    What is a children´s party without some biscuits on the table? in all shapes, colours and sizes!
    Kids love them, and parents do too, specially because they are easy to make and could be really entertaining to cook with the younger ones. It is a mind-blowing activity for them.

    Toddlers feel great when they are allowed to play with things they are not suppose to. All mummy´s baking tools seem rather attractive! So why don´t we let them experience and play with them (always checking them up first, in order to avoid any sharp or hazardous ones)

    So, shall we set up a working table that suits their height? sounds like a good idea! and now all tools up, a proper outfit - I suggest to take a corner in your house which is carpet free!

    OK, so Ready, Steady and Go! Here is the recipe:


    250 grs Butter
    500 grs self-raising Flour
    125 grs Brown sugar
    125 grs Sugar
    3 eggs
    1 bag of chocolate chips 
    1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    1 pinch of salt

    Here they come 25 minutes of fun! Let the toddlers mix the butter with the 2 types of sugar- at least let them try. Then let them add the eggs, the vanilla extract and the pinch of salt.
    Ask them to whisk and mix well. Add the self-raising flour and whisk and mix again.
    Now all you need to ask them is to add the chocolate chips bag (2 handfuls)

    You will need the bigger and flattest pan you have! Because unless toddlers are 4... they wouldnt be able to make several cookies but... a huge, uneven, big cookie. That is for sure!!

    Pre-heat -what is let over, while preparing our little chefs have been reassuring themselves that the paste was good on sugar and had the right amount of salt - ready to go to the oven at 180º C.
    And bake for around 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

    And let them cool down... Cookies will be after 15 minutes, Kids... oh well! these little ones won´t cool down until they sink their teeth into these wonderful american biscuits.