20 April 2011

These charming cake stalls

Yum, yum, Cake Sales... these little so well cared little stalls, packed with cupcakes, flap jacks, biscuits, gingerbread man, brownies and gorgeously homemade cookies... These in the picture above were not only delicious but in my opinion stunningly presented. For it was, just a little cake stall my little 7 year old neighbour had set up herself, to raise money for her school. I though it was such a great initiative, so what a great excuse for me to buy a whole plate of scones and three brownies on the go.
In fact, the spirit of them all, is what it makes them absolutely irresistible! The homemade feeling and smell!, what a delicious smell, the use of soft pastel colours, polka doted backgrounds, beautiful trays to display mouth-watering pastries, scones, cakes, tarts or fairy cakes. It is always a fundraising winner!

This British charm comes indeed from the ever so popular English Tea time, so far away from being just a topic, one of these indulgent things that is coming back to be a trend. From a fine traditional Victoria Sponge to some tasty and healthy cucumber sandwiches. These magical trays and plates wonderfully garnished with glacé cherries, buttery icings and colourful decorations are indeed a real vivid and contemporaneous ritual that still remains as a charming way to have a sweet treat.

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