19 June 2011

Workshops to learn another language

We all have been taking our kids to different workshops even at the earliest stages, because we believe they awake their creativity and enables to become better at problem solving... what about if they do these activities while learning English?

Image, courtesy of Hi-London

Wouldn´t be awesome? at least this is what we think... there are just a few of us that have tested a foreign Language class based on workshops and excursion based, going to different venues. And it really works, because it is a fact that you pay a closer attention to what is appealing to you and within a relaxing environment.

Now with www.hi-london.com you have the opportunity to have a go while you enjoy visiting this great city. You may come with your kids enrol them on the course and have a private or semi-private lessons for your own.

This is what Hi-London.com does, use all that London has to offer as a idillic set to teach English to kids going from 5 to 18 years old and also this year, offers tuition to accompanying adults.

So for this Summer, Autumn or Winter you may want to come to London, on a short break or holiday, getting the most out of it by learning English along the way!

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  1. Nice meeting you on Saturday! hope you had a good time and got lots of ideas for your blog.
    See you soon I hope!