28 April 2011

William & Kate

William & Kate are getting married an the country is paralysed. London streets are taken by enthusiastic persons, in the mood of celebrating the royal matrimony
Image courtesy of Early Learning Centre- HappyLand Toys
And why not? we think is a good excuse to go out and celebrate. This is why we love street parties... great excuse to gather, celebrate and feel part of a community.

All through the morining until late evening neighbours all over UK will be sharing meal, thoughts and affections for  this young couple.

In words of Wikipedia this British tradition began at the close of World War I as "peace teas" to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. In Britain, these have historically been held to commemorate momentous events, such as VE Day or the Queen's Silver Jubilee, with "bunting, trestle tables covered with sandwiches and cakes, and children playing in the street"

An estimated 10 million people took part in street parties in 1981 for the wedding of Prince Charles and (then) Lady Diana Spencer. Let´s wait and see how many for his son´s wed!

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