30 June 2011

I´m so glad I found you!

Yes, I went to CyberMummy 2011, so happy I did find you, that I would create a badge if I could:

Now,  I have got no excuse but to keep on nurturing my little blog and try to commit to what Sticky Toffee Circus aims. Which is entertain
, having a continuous fiesta going on, celebrating life by creating, painting, crafting, singing, cooking, eating... anything for kids to enjoy and learn!  

After this meeting, I feel officially a blogger... an amateur having a long and exciting way to go. Learning is my main objective thanks to my mentor of hounour :) Mª José Ovalle - mummysbusyworld - who has introduce me in this magical blogsphere!

Also I would like to thank you the organisers and all the sponsors who kindly filled up our bags with so many goodies! Watch out my table with so many things. Including my Sarah Brown´s book which I am already started and I must say I am finding it quite interesting.

Thank you AdDynamo, Bonjela, Boots, Butlins, Calpol, Crocs, Cuticura, Dettol, Disney, Dodo Pad, ebuzzing, Emla, E45Junior, GlamMedia, Hyundai, HP, Kidsonestopshop, Mam, Mauritius, Naked, Nurofren, LegoDuplo, Leapfrog, Johnson´s Baby, Pampers, Picture Box, Portland Hospital, P&G, Savlon, Three, Ubisoft and Vicks. Thank you all.

And of course to anyone involved on the organisation at the marvellous venue The Brewery in London.

See you in CyberMummy 2012!


  1. Hi Maria, it was great meeting you and chatting to you ;) Mirka @Kahanka ( All Baby Advice Blog)

  2. It was lovely to meet you and have a chat at the table during one of the group sessions x