23 June 2011

Let´s make biscuits... or well... just a big one!

What is a children´s party without some biscuits on the table? in all shapes, colours and sizes!
Kids love them, and parents do too, specially because they are easy to make and could be really entertaining to cook with the younger ones. It is a mind-blowing activity for them.

Toddlers feel great when they are allowed to play with things they are not suppose to. All mummy´s baking tools seem rather attractive! So why don´t we let them experience and play with them (always checking them up first, in order to avoid any sharp or hazardous ones)

So, shall we set up a working table that suits their height? sounds like a good idea! and now all tools up, a proper outfit - I suggest to take a corner in your house which is carpet free!

OK, so Ready, Steady and Go! Here is the recipe:


250 grs Butter
500 grs self-raising Flour
125 grs Brown sugar
125 grs Sugar
3 eggs
1 bag of chocolate chips 
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 pinch of salt

Here they come 25 minutes of fun! Let the toddlers mix the butter with the 2 types of sugar- at least let them try. Then let them add the eggs, the vanilla extract and the pinch of salt.
Ask them to whisk and mix well. Add the self-raising flour and whisk and mix again.
Now all you need to ask them is to add the chocolate chips bag (2 handfuls)

You will need the bigger and flattest pan you have! Because unless toddlers are 4... they wouldnt be able to make several cookies but... a huge, uneven, big cookie. That is for sure!!

Pre-heat -what is let over, while preparing our little chefs have been reassuring themselves that the paste was good on sugar and had the right amount of salt - ready to go to the oven at 180º C.
And bake for around 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

And let them cool down... Cookies will be after 15 minutes, Kids... oh well! these little ones won´t cool down until they sink their teeth into these wonderful american biscuits.


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