26 July 2011

Let´s Cook!

Now is time to cook, is one of the easiest way of entertaining a child from as young as 2 years old. It is a crafty activity, that requires attention, listening and learning how to follow instructions. And indeed one way of learning the famous: Effort = Reward :)

It is indeed a messy activity, but if you let the child show you how to pour, how to whisk, how to mix... he will be delighted to have all mummy´s attention, but also will put a big effort in doing it right.

For some mums/dads the idea of having kids cooking and getting the kitchen dirty is outrageously mad. Well, in my case, because I have to cook everyday with kids around... saying mummy can I do this, mummy can I help you?, really meaning can you play with me?... I have just decided I was going to let them play and cook with me, at the same time, and for quite a long time, it worked.

So Mum, Dad or Carer, if you can just be patient, at least once in a while and let them cook. You will see that not only involves creativity but also following instructions with a treat-made by them- as result: a yummie pizza, muffin, cake... or whatever they enjoy to eat.

I have discovered that my 2 year old not only focused quite well, but in playing the role of the Little Cook was rather proud because I was letting him to do all the pouring, teaching him the numbers on showed on the scale and even "cleaning" with water and a tiny little drop of soap ;)

Also do not forget to make the Cook´s hat I have taught you.

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