6 July 2011

Toddler´s Confindence

"Many childcare experts stress the importance of building self-esteem in children - and, indeed, having it ourselves as parents"Confidence building by Eileen Hayes,  www.bbc.com article says.

Building self-esteem in children through their development as grown ups to be, is a delicate task to embrace effectively. Specially when parents, might have self-esteem matters of their own! - who has not in some way? 

Trusting in one's own worth and own abilities is not always an easy task. Not in adult stage, when we often struggle with it, neither -and most importantly- on our early years where we begin to have a sense of who we are as an individual.

"Toddlers are still just realising they're separate people"

We must guide them, but let them investigate and watch them from a distance, giving them a bit of freedom and space to experiment alone. For some parents this is rather easy but for others is not at all. 

"Toddlers slowly build up a sense of self"

So let´s turn off the anticipating-negative-things machine for when is needed, at least let´s try to relax a bit.

Toddlers must know there are dangers around them but they do not need to have an excesive, overdo constant warning... because it could frustate them and make them become insecure.

Let´s make them run, jump, climb without exaggerating all hazards behind. They might trip or stumble a bit, and yes even fall down... but as long as you are close to them for help -once it happened- they will get a better sense of who they are and become more confident they can do things by themselves. 

Encouraging and showing them we understand the effort of loosing the fear and praise every step they take towards independence.

As parents, we must take a look at ourselves, see how we behave with our toddlers.

We know, nobody is perfect and tiredness is the enemy of kindness, specially after a hard day at work, but we must try to avoid negativity and sarcasm with kids. These little ones, they don´t get it!!! It could make them feel not liked or loved. And this could harm is self-esteem hence his confidence.

Let´s boost up their self-esteem today with some crafty, play, dance, swim or cooking session!

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